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Iditarod 2014

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Charley Bejna

Charley Bejna has finished the 2014 Iditarod - a race which is being called by many as the most challenging Iditarod race ever! Charley arrived at the burled arch in Nome on March 14, 2014 at 9:01 am, having spent 11 days and 18 hours through extreme weather and trail conditions. Congratulations to Charley and his 16 great dogs for a job well done, he has done the great states of Illinois and Alaska proud, as well as his fans throughout the world!


The above photos are courtesy of Carol in Alaska


Charley's Iditarod 2014 Finisher's Team

Duke (Leader into Nome)
Hawk (Leader into Nome)



Black .... dropped at Safety
Brown .... dropped at Unlakleet
Fuzzie  .... dropped at Galena
Goodyear .... dropped at Nikolai
Tundra  .... dropped at Ophir
Bernie .... dropped at Takotna

Charley Bejna in the Farewell Burn (Compliments of

The two photos above are of  Charley at the  Rainly Pass checkpoint.
  (Photos courtesy of Meredith West)

Here are team leaders Yukon and Fuzzie, and 14 other great Alaskan huskies at the start of the Iditarod
race in Willow, Alaska, March 2, 2014. (Courtesy of Sunny K. Awazuhara Reed)  

Pictured here are two of Charley's many supporters, Mike Chester and Al Kiefer
 displaying a message of support for Charley and the team! The banner was made
by long time Kennel supporter, Caren Mongeau.
(Photo courtesy of Lisa Chester) 

Charley on his "sit-down" Prarie Bilt Sled at the re-start in Willow;
 awaiting to approach the starting line with his 16 highly charged Alaskan huskies.
(Photo courtesy of Carole Caravaggio)


Charley looks focused as the countdown begins! (Courtesy of Tom and Carolyn Drake)

Team Number 26 approaches the starting line  (Courtesy of Tom and Carolyn Drake)

Prior to the start of the race, each dog is checked for microchips, some are tested for illegal performance enhancing drugs,
 and all are checked one final time for their overall fitness and ability. (Photo courtesy of  Mark Poulterer)

Duke and Fuzzie await at the restart (Courtesy of Tom and Carolyn Drake)

Charley during the ceremonial run in Iditarod 2014


Team number 26 blazes down the ceremonial trail in Anchorage!
(Courtesy of Sunny K. Awazuhara Reed)

Here is Charley Bejna with his 12 dogs in the ceremonial run from Anchorage to Campbell Air Strip on Saturday, March 1, 2014. His leaders of the team are Yukon (the black dog) and Fuzzie. His Idita-rider is Sarah Kimball from Michigan and his tag sled driver is Mike Chester from Illinois. Not shown in the photo is a stuffed monkey inside Charley's sled bag! (Photo courtesy of Butch Bejna)  

On the day of the ceremonial start in Anchorage, United States Senator  Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Charley talked briefly about Charley's Iditarod. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Chester)


Here are Butch and Charley Bejna going through Charley's dog lot on the historic Iditarod Trail in Knik, Alaska.
The orange container holds the Iditarod race dog tags assigned to each of Charley's  Iditarod race dogs.
 The dog being outfitted with a tag is McKinley