Iditarod Trail Kennel
Wasilla, Alaska

Home to 2014 & 15 Iditarod race finisher Charley Bejna who is also a type 1 Diabetic.
During the Summertime
I have signed up to compete in the 2016 Iditarod 

The Iditarod Trail Kennel is located in Knik, Alaska near the historic Iditarod Trail.  The Kennel has around 35 dogs that are owned and cared for by Charley Bejna.  I would like to thank all of our great sponsors and supporters for making this possible to continue mushing in mid-distance races and the Iditarod.  We appreciate it very much and always welcome any type of donations to the kennel throughout the year.

All dogs are available to sponsor for the 2016 Iditarod.  I will be having some other ways that you can sponsor the team and I under the sponsorship page soon.  If you are interested in having me come out and talk about the Iditarod at an event or school, please contact me via email at for details.  

Well, this summer has been flying by once again.  Landscaping this season in Addison has been going well but the rain has really been adding a lot of stress as its hard to get jobs done with it rainy all the time.  Alaska has been very dry this year and lots of wildfires have been happening throughout the state.  The fires in Willow, had damaged and destroyed many mushers properties.  They are very lucky that no lives or animals were lost during this fire in mid June.  They are all in the process of rebuilding homes, sheds and dog houses.  At my kennel in Knik, there has been no fires in the area.  Within the last week, it has been rainy which will help with the dry conditions.  I will start updating this website on a weekly basis.  First of all, I have signed up for the 2016 Iditarod back on June 27, 2015.  It was a very nice day for sign up and nice to visit with many of the volunteers, fans and other mushers.  It's always nice to see everyone but never enough time to chat with all that were at the picnic.  I will be the 51st musher to draw for my starting position at the banquet in Anchorage.   

During the summer, all the dog houses were repainted and repaired as needed so they will be ready for all the dogs when they come back from doing summer tours.

(Photos Courtesy of Dena Stott & Butch Bejna)

Thunder and I had the great opportunity to speak at the Lemont Public Library in Lemont, Illinois on June 15th.  I had a great time talking about the Iditarod.  There was around 50 people that attended that rainy night.  They all had great questions for me to answer.  I would like to thank the Lemont Public Library for sponsoring Bubbles for this coming season.

(Photos Courtesy of Butch Bejna)

On Tuesday June 16th, Thunder and I were guests on the local Addison TV channel 6 and AT&T U-Verse channel 99 to talk about the Iditarod with host Don Figarelli.  We spoke about 25 minutes on the Iditarod and was a very fun event to do.  We will be doing a few other shows in the near future.

Dogs at there summer camp in Juneau.

 Dogs had been dropped off to there summer camp.


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