Charley's Sled Dog Kennel
Wasilla, Alaska

Home to 2014, 2015 & 2017 Iditarod race finisher Charley Bejna who is also a type 1 Diabetic, with an Insulin Pump.

Rainbow Bridge

These dogs have crossed over the rainbow bridge and were great dogs both on the trail, and indoor house pets. They are greatly missed but not forgotten. 

This female was born in 1999 and mother to Thunder. Indy liked to run in team and was one of the shyest dogs in the kennel. She has participated in numerous mid-distance races including the Iditarod several times. I acquired Indy from GB Jones in 2013. Indy took a lot of one on one with her to become very comfortable around me. Once she was comfortable with me, she was always following me around and watching me through the window hook up a team of dogs. Indy traveled back and forth with me to Illinois. She liked going on nightly walks. She developed a tumor on her side and I decided to have it removed with lazer treatment. Indy recovered very well. She had free run of the kennel and lived indoors with the others. She slowly lost her hearing and watched me use my hands to get her inside of followed the other indoor dogs. On April 5, 2016 I decided to have her put to rest as her body was giving up. Indy was a great dog on the trails and becoming a house pet. She is dearly missed.