Charley's Sled Dog Kennel
Wasilla, Alaska

Home to 2014, 2015 & 2017 Iditarod race finisher Charley Bejna who is also a type 1 Diabetic, with an Insulin Pump.
Thanks to our following sponsors for the 2018 Iditarod. 

 Charley's Landscaping Co., Addison, IL
 Butch Bejna, Addison, IL
 Jason Tranchitella, Addison, IL
 John Hitzker, Lombard, IL
 Jayant Radhakrishnan, Darien, IL

 Janson & Stacey Cardy, Anchorage, AK
 Berdella Bogard, Appleton, WI
 Nancy Fowler, St. Joseph, MN
 Sondra Davis, Indianapolis, IN
 Mark & MariAnne Kolesar, Golden Valley, MN
 Thomas & Carolyn Drake, Clemson, SC
 Shirley Thomas, Haymarket, VA