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Earthquake Experience, Video Call Catastrophe!

You might of already heard the news of this epic earthquake but our Lead Dog team experienced it first hand!

At 12:20 PM Eastern standard time, our Iditarod Lead Dog team was getting our first look at fundraiser ideas to raise money for Charley and his team within our school. We were video conferencing with Charley, when out of the blue his dog started barking like crazy and the call started glitching. From our personal experiences, we had no idea what was going on. We couldn't really make out what he was saying because of the glitching. But at one point, we could hear him say "earthquake!" We were so freaked out😲. The whole screen was shaking and we saw something fall and shatter. Then all of a sudden, he hung up (which is understandable) and we were SO worried! It was five minutes before we got a text from him. By then, we were all freaking out. Luckily, he was alright, but unfortunately, he said it looked like his house had been ransacked. Later in the day we learned that the earthquake was a 7.0 which is pretty bad😩! But we were just glad Charley and his dogs were O.K.!😄🐶^-^(^_^)


Earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska

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