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Iditarod Musher Banquet

This year our group has entered in the Iditarod Musher Banquet Centerpiece Contest. We have a couple of cute designs that we hope will win. We carried a husky theme throughout both pieces. The first design shows a sled pulled by a dog team with the slogan, "Have a sweet ride!". We plan to fill the sleds with candy and add encouraging phrases for the mushers at each table. The second design is a dog kennel with a sock husky and paw prints on each table that highlight the 8 character traits of the Iditarod. The winners are supposed to be notified by December 20th, so we should hear back soon. We will keep you posted!

Thank you so much for supporting Charley Bejna. We are all really grateful for you.😊😃😄!

Bella and Sydney

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